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Tuli Atanoa


With MANA we change one life at a time. Working with young people is truly a calling and a work with priceless rewards. Players come from many walks of life and experience many things in their young lives. Having them in rugby training gives them a place to focus. A place to express themselves in an environment sharpening their God given gifts.

MANA is home where every child should be able to receive the best youth rugby training possible. A home those wanting training at an elite level without the financial hardship. We do not only coach rugby but, life coaching. A young man’s and woman’s future starts with discipline being around mentors sharing positive influences.

We can provide this service because of the magnificent people willing to help in giving their precious time in coaching and teaching. They have many years of experience and are giving back to a sport they all have a passion for. It is always best to give then to receive.

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